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Greg lives in Chapecó SC (Brazil). He is the co-founder of “MRG Comunicação Sonora”, and has more than 20 years of experience with music working as an advertiser, musician, composer, arranger, and sound designer.

He is always passionate about music, and sound design, so he decided to create libraries to help the work of music producers.

“My goal is to create libraries to make life easier for musicians and sound designers, just like me. Libraries that I would like to buy.”


dark textures_capa_pack copy.png

USD 89.90   USD 44.45

nebula_capa_pack copy.png

USD 89.90   USD 44.45

mockup cavaco copy.png

USD 30.00   USD 15.00

mockup nylon copy.png

USD 60.00   USD 30.00

3 packs greg copy_edited.png

USD 209.80   USD 99.00

SPECIAL FLUTE__mockup.png

USD 00.00   USD 10.00


USD 00.00   USD 10.00

JAW HARP__mockup.png

USD 00.00


USD 00.00   USD 10.00


USD 00.00   USD 10.00

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