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Cinematic Taiko brings the power of taiko drums to your fingertips. The pack features cinematic loops written by the Emmy-award-winning composer Silas Hite and performed by Isaku Kageyama to meet the demands of media composers. Each carefully crafted loop is ready to be dropped into your project and spark your imagination.

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Isaku Kageyama is a taikoartist, well versed in both live performance and in therecording studio. His resume includes performances at venues such as CarnegieHall and Lincoln Center, recordings for video games such as Ghost of Tsushima,appearances on networks such as NBC, VH1,and BET, tours with the JapanFoundation, and residencies with The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.A versatile collaborator, Isaku serves as a performer, composer, arranger, andrecording/mix engineer forDrumspeak, theWorld Percussion Ensemble of LosAngeles, and theObon Classics Project. His broad skill set and understanding of awide range of mediums have made Isaku a first-call taiko artist.Formerly a principal drummer of Amanojaku, he holds a Bachelor of Music from theBerklee College of Music and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Longy School ofMusic of Bard College.He is also a two-time National Odaiko Champion, becomingthe youngest person to win the highest honors at the Mt. Fuji Odaiko Contest in2000, and Hokkaido in 2003.Please let me know if you need anything further.

Silas Hite is an Emmy-winning composer with music in his DNA. He beganhis career co-scoring blockbuster and independent films such asNick &Norah’s Infinite PlaylistandCloudy With a Chance of Meatballswith hisuncle, noted composer Mark Mothersbaugh(DEVO). His music plays intelevision shows worldwide, from kids' shows likeShaggy & Scooby-Doo Get AClue!and Disney’sDance-A-Lot Robot, to adult shows such asChef's Table(Netflix)andThe Big Brunch(HBO Max).He has scored hundreds of commercials for clients such as Apple,McDonalds, and Chevy,earning him an Emmy, Adweek's Campaign of theDecade, and most recently a Titanium Grand Prix from Cannes. He’scontributed memorable music to some top-selling video games of the pasttwenty years such asThe Sims 2, Skate 3,andThe Simpsons.His music hasplayed in such venerable institutions as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, theLos Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the New York Museum of Modern Art, TheWhitney Museum, and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.



796 MB




Wave Files 48Khz / 24-bit

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