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USD 34.90
USD 24.43

Sami and William Bordokan’s pack features a collection of loops, grooves, and sounds to bring some Arabian spice to your music. This pack is offered exclusively by AudioXpression.



87.3 MB


205 Loops + 29 One Shots


Wave Files 44Khz / 24-bit

bordokans copy.png


Sami and William Bordokan are sons of Lebanese. Their father used to play the Oud guitar and sing, becoming their first influence in music. At six years old, Sami started his interest in Oud guitar and has never stopped. Deciding to learn more about eastern music, Sami moved to Lebanon and then traveled to Syria, Egypt, and North Africa. After that, he returned to Brazil, willing to show the Arabian culture and music to their new homeland.

His brother William dedicated himself to percussive instruments like the Derbak and many others. However, he also can play the Ney flute and buzuq. Together, the two brothers fulfill each other, and they became known for their deep knowledge of Arabic music, besides their flamenco and Brazilian music influence. 

In Brazil, they have played in concerts and also participated in masterclasses, bringing new knowledge to the country about eastern music.

Their talent and skills made them notorious and allowed them to work on several soundtracks for popular TV shows.

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